Interviews Available through LaGuardia Archive

The following is a list of interviews available through the LGBTQ Collection at the LaGuardia and Wagner Archives:

Jim Burke – originally from the Bronx, he discusses coming out in the Jackson Heights LGBTQ scene and his early activism around the time of the murder of Julio Rivera.

Laura Cadorette – a member of Queer Nation who eventually settled in Jackson Heights, she discusses her early perceptions of the neighborhood and her work on the Julio Rivera case, and then her later involvement as a resident in the late 1990s.

Daniel Castellanos – moved to Jackson Heights from Colombia in the early 1990s. An activist and health advocate, he discusses the immigrant LGBTQ community.

Susan Caust – early co-chair of QGLU with Ed Sedarbaum. Discusses the role of QGLU in LGBTQ community organizing and the first parades in Queens.

Sarah Chinn – member of Queer Nation. Discusses her early activism in Queer Nation and the Julio Rivera case.

Daniel Dromm – series of interviews with the Councilmember and former educator who founded the Queens Pride Parade along with a number of important political organizations.

Brendan Fay – Irish immigrant to Jackson Heights in the early 1990s, he discusses coming out and a broad range of activism work including founding the All-inclusive St. Pat’s Parade and fighting for marriage equality.

Kris Franklin – member of Queer Nation and law professor. Discusses her early activism in Queer Nation and the Julio Rivera case.

Burt Goldfarb – senior resident of Jackson Heights who moved to the neighborhood when he was a boy in the mid-1950s.

Tommy Grimaldi – barman and co-owner of The Magic Touch bar, he talks about life in the bars as well as his work in the movement for justice. Close personal friend of Alan Sack.

Judy Grubin – longtime Jackson Heights resident and community organizer, she discusses how the neighborhood changed in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Dr. Joyce Hunter – resident of Sunnyside, Queens, she discusses a broad range of her pioneering work in the 1970s and 80s.

Erik Jorgensen – originally from Denmark, he moved to Jackson Heights / Elmhurst in the early 1960s. Discusses the gay scene pre-Stonewall and in the early 70s.

Larry Lombardi – longtime resident of Jackson Heights, he talks about the neighborhood and the bars going back to the late 1950s.

Vincent Maniscalco – involved with the organizing of the Queens Pride Parade in the early years.

Maritza Martinez – longtime resident of Elmhurst and Jackson Heights, she discusses Latina lesbian life in the neighborhood in the 70s and 80s, and her work in the early 1990s as co-chair of the Queens Pride Parade.

Donna Minkowitz – activist, journalist and writer, she discusses covering the story for the Village Voice, as well as her experiences and observations as an activist.

John Moran – longtime resident of Jackson Heights, discusses the first LGBTQ organizations in the neighborhood before the Julio Rivera case.

“Pacco” – longtime resident of Jackson Heights who agreed to doing the interview anonymously. Discusses drugs in the 80s and gay bashing.

Amy Pagnozzi – journalist. She was a reporter for the New York Post at the time and was the first person to report on the murder of Julio Rivera in the “mainstream” press.

Queens Center for Gay Seniors – group interview with senior longtime LGBGTQ residents of the community.

Peg Rivera (now Fiore) – sister-in-law of Julio Rivera, she became a key figure in the fight for justice.

John Sabini – former Councilmember for the community. He was in office at the time of the founding of the Queens Pride Parade and was an ally to the community.

Alan Sack – former love and close friend of Julio Rivera, he was with Julio the night of the murder, and became a community leader in the movement for justice in the murder of Julio Rivera.

Ed Sedarbaum – community leader in the Julio Rivera case and founder of QGLU (Queens Gays and Lesbians United), he became a key link between the Jackson Heights LGBTQ community and the Manhattan-based activists.

Denis Stanton – Julio’s boyfriend in the late 80s, he discusses Julio and certain aspects of LGBTQ life in Jackson Heights and in New York in general in the later 80s.

Andrew Velez – member of ACT UP and Queer Nation, he dedicated his life from the 1980s on to LGBTQ activism.

Connie Vien – senior resident of Jackson Heights. Talks about being a lesbian in the very gay male scene of the bars in the 1980s and 90s.

Elissa Weindling – educator who wrote the LGBTQ section of The Children of the Rainbow curriculum.

Doris Wurgler – a longtime resident (her family moved to Jackson Heights in the 30s when she was a baby), she discusses perceptions of the LGBTQ community from a “straight” perspective.

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